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Ankara Closet Fashion Show Video Highlights
Here’s a short video showcasing the highlights of the night. It was a night filled with laughs…Enjoy!  
Ankara Closet Fashion Show 2015 – African Fashion
Wow! what a night!! As the sun came down over South Bend Indiana on October 31st fans of Art and fashion gathered at the Kroc Center to celebrate the inaugural Ankara Closet Fashion show and the Official Launch of Ankaracloset.com, The home of Authentic African Fashion and fabric. We were honored to have one of the funniest African comics around, Mr. Clifford Owusu! famous worldwide for his endless supply of original jokes, host this event. He got us laughing from the start and there was not a dry eye in the house. His ability to improvise and take comedic advantage of the ever changing situations around him truly ranks him as one of the comedic geniuses around. If you haven’t yet done so, head over to his YouTube channel, make sure you are in a place where you can really laugh out loud. The vision for Ankara Closet is based on giving women highly skilled in the fabrication of African garments access to international markets. Finding authentic, high-quality African kente, dashiki or Ankara styles is a maze and very confusing for many in the diaspora. Many just opt to wait for their family members or friends returning from Africa to bring […]
Inaugural Ankara Closet Fashion Show
We know firsthand how hard it is to get the fashion, fabric and styles you want when you are thousands of miles from Africa. Even when you do find what you are looking for, the barriers of price and quality fall in your path. Our goal is to clear and clean that process and allow you to have access to an ever-growing inventory of garments and accessories or customize to your own size for that perfect fit. African fashion is not only timeless but also very versatile in the modern world and integrates seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe. This is why it is our belief and goal that everyone should own at least one Ankara Closet product. We are a few days away from our inaugural fashion show. This is truly expected to be a night to remember. On that late October 31 night in South Bend Indiana, the runway at the Kroc Center will showcase New Arrivals (Fall Collection) for Ankara Closet hosted by none other than Comedian and YouTube sensation Clifford Owusu (visit his YouTube Channel for a laugh after laugh). You don’t have to wait for a future season to make any of the items […]